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About Us

Many of you wish to invest in Cameroon, but are hesitant because of the complexity of this environment. Based in Douala, African Diaspora Project Management (ADPM) proposes reliable solutions allowing you to invest serenely. Specialized in project management and advising on investment, our team of experts will assure the good outcome of your works: no more need to take a plane to come over to manage your property. Through our tools and technologies used you will be able to witness live the realization of your project from a distance .Our vision is to be the archetypal channel for the investment of the Cameroonian Diaspora and other foreigners in Cameroon. Our mission also is to be a medium of choice for the development of the local companies. Beyond the business aspect, we try to restore life in the areas of professionalism, and the positive image of Cameroonian workers. Contact us from today so that together we meet the big challenges, your challenges.
Our services of support addresses itself to the Cameroonian / African Diaspora as well as the foreign economic players who wish to invest in Cameroon. Our services are demanded by private individuals for personal projects, collectives of investors in order to build partnerships with the local Businessmen: B2B, and also by companies of any origin, wishing to acquire market shares. We also accompany local companies in the improvement of their performances and strategic domains such as the choice of investments, innovation, sales force, and communication. At ADPM we make the wishes of the customer a tangible reality therefore have confidence in us as from today.
At ADPM we consider your project the most important in the world. That is why we put together all the necessary resources so that your projects are realized successfully. When the terms of our working collaboration are tied up, we make sure we respect the budget, the quality of the work and the timing agreed on. We break the barriers of distance and take care of your projects as a good father does with his family. No more reason to hesitate, as from today entrust us with your projects or ideas and we shall take care of their good development.
The guarantee to make sure your project succeeds is our commitment. Our collaborators all share the culture of success, and ethics. Committed and dynamic ready to give everything so that your project is realized in the best conditions and especially as soon as possible (ASAP), we are conscious of your expectations. At ADPM we are commando squads at the service of our customers, innovation and strategic intelligence are at the heart of our processes. Our great capacity of listening and orientation of our customers are qualities which shall seduce you from the beginning of our collaboration, thus no more thinking, take action from this moment by contacting us.

The Team

Hello & Welcome!

Djibril Gabriel has a strong international experience in project management. He has succefully contribute in the implementation of project in Europe and Africa. Specially in the pharmaceutical industry. Today he has improve is skills by becoming a business influencer for African market.

Djibril Gabriel Eyete
CEO, Founder

Nice to meet!

His strong background in cameroonian law has allowed him to assit client during their project implementation. Rostand is passionate on project creation, and has accompany a lot our client to succesfully implement their project in Cameroon.

Rostand Landy TOUKO
Project management Director

Whats Up!

Katty is involve on communication with client all over the world. She will be able to advice on the best way to invest in Cameroon.

Digital communication / community management officer

Hi to all!

Mèrimé has a strong experience in community management / innovative investment consulting focused on the African Diaspora client. He works with clients on different innovative projects linked to digital & services solutions.

Merimé Wilson NGOUDJOU
Consultant senior Digital & innovation Communication.

our references

Plans to launch innovative solutions for transport in Cameroon

our references

Marketing projects of innovative digital solutions for activity and SME in Cameroon

our references

Projects managements planting tubers / plantains and other crops in several regions of Cameroon

our references

Forums Organizing projects / B2B events : linking foreign businessmen aves Cameroonian economic actors

our references

Corporate domiciliation project of a Chinese purchasing group wishing to conquer the Cameroonian market

our references

Conducted numerous feasibility studies on major projects : agriculture, livestock, common consumer products , others.

our references

Breeding farm assembly project broilers and laying hens

Stages of collaboration

1. You have a concrete project: get in touch with us

2. Discussion with an expert: advice on the reliability and viability of your project

3. Contractual Agreement: definition of the terms of our collaboration;

4. Payment: according to the modalities and agreed channels

5. Launch of the works

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